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14.0 Hoses for Oil Vapour Extraction

  • To the article 14.1 foxiClassic PUR SL-ECO

    Wall thickness 0.55 mm approx.
    very light and compressible suction hose for oil mist on extraction arms or stationary / mobile suction equipment

  • To the article 14.2 foxiGarant GSS-L

    Wall thickness 0.75 mm approx.
    smooth interior, light suction hose for oil mist and boring and cutting vapours on stationary or mobile suction equipment, higher vacuum resistance

  • To the article 14.3 foxiGarant PUR L

    Wandstärke ca. 0,75 mm

    leichter und innen glatter Absaugschlauch für Ölnebel- und Bohr-/Schneidedämpfe an stationären oder mobilen Absauganlagen, höhere Vakuumfestigkeit

    foxiGarant PUR L