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19.0 Vacuum and Water Hoses

  • To the article 19.1 foxiClassic PVC-S

    Wall thickness 3.0 bis 10.0 mm approx
    all-purpose PVC hose, for pressure and vacuum pumps, very smooth interior, limited life-span due to plasticisers in the PVC

  • To the article 19.2 foxiGarant PUR H

    Wall thickness 1.45 mm approx.
    smooth interior, abrasion resistant, anti-static < 109 Ohm, flame retardant, very flexible and plasticiser free hose

  • To the article 19.3 foxiPremium Induvac H

    Wall thickness 1.6 mm approx.
    very smooth interior and abrasion resistant, anti-static <109 Ohm, increased vacuum resistance, very flexible despite wall thickness, plasticiser free

  • To the article 19.4 foxiGarant PUR XL

    Wall thickness 2.5 mm approx.
    very abrasion resistant, smooth interior, anti-static < 109 Ohm, very high vacuum resistance, very flexible, plasticiser free

  • To the article 19.5 foxi PVC-Gewebe

    Wandstärke ca. 3,0 mm bis 5,0 mm, je nach Durchmesser

    mehrlagiger, transparenter PVC-Druckschlauch mit Polyestergewebe, für Lebensmittelkontakt geeignet

    foxi PVC-Gewebe
  • To the article 19.6 foxi UNI Water EPDM

    Wandstärke ca. 3,5 mm bis 5,0 mm, je nach Durchmesser

    elektrisch leitfähiger RO ≤ 106 Ohm Gummischlauch, sehr robust und UV-beständig

    foxi UNI Water EPDM