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20.6 foxi Spezialgurt


tear-proof fabric / tensile strength 200 daN
25 mm wide
quick-disconnect made from galvanised steel


Very practical tension belt for mounting hoses with a smooth outer wall, quick-disconnect, very tear-resistant

Suitable for

  • foxi PVC-Luttenschlauch
  • foxi PVC-Luttenschlauch Temp
for hose dialength in mmarticle no.
125-254 mm500.0006026-050-100
160-254 mm1.0006026-100-100
305-425 mm1.5006026-150-100
456-700 mm2.5006026-250-100
800-900 mm3.0006026-300-100

* Reffering to the inner side of the elbow of hose.

The above mentioned data refer to an average and ambient temperature of +20 °C. Subject to technical changes and color variations. Please refer to technical data sheet when selecting hose.