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22.1 foxi Flansch-Kupplung


material flange: aluminium, hole pattern according to DIN 2501, PN 10
material Manschette: abrasion resistant polyurethan

Permanently anti-static with surface resistance of RO < 109 Ohm


Perfect connecting system fitting without edges inside, highly abrasion resistant through a smooth inner hose wall, easy to fit, coupling system can be used several times, dust-proof
By usage of an anti-static foxiflex hose according to ATEX /TRBS 2153  the complete hose line is suitable for downloading electro-static charges in zone 20

Suitable for

  • hose type foxiGarant PUR XXL with wallthickness of 3,5 mm
        foxi Flansch-Kupplungfoxi Flansch-Kupplung         foxi-Manschettefoxi-ManschettefoxiGarant PUR XXLfoxiGarant PUR XXL
hose dia in mm*foxi Flansch-Kupplung hole pattern DIN 2501, PN 10
weight kg/piecefoxi-Manschette
hose type foxiGarant PUR XXL wallthickness: ca.3,5mm

* foxi Flansch-Kupplung is suitable for the hose types foxiGarant PUR XXS and foxiGarant PUR XXL

* Reffering to the inner side of the elbow of hose.

The above mentioned data refer to an average and ambient temperature of +20 °C. Subject to technical changes and color variations. Please refer to technical data sheet when selecting hose.