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22.2 foxi Storz-Kupplung


material Storz-coupling: aluminium, turnable, especially for foxiflex hoses, with less edges
material clamping shells: aluminium


Universal suction coupling, with less edges inside, extremely light, fits to all normal Storz-couplings, dust-proof, with clamping shells

By usage of an anti-static foxiflex hose according to ATEX /TRBS 2153  the complete hose line is suitable for downloading electro-static charges in zone 20 

Suitable for

  • hose type foxiGarant PUR XXS with wallthickness of 2,5 mm
  • hose type foxiGarant PUR XXL with wallthickness of 3,5 mm
          foxi Storz-Kupplungfoxi Storz-Kupplung                       foxi Klemmschale foxi KlemmschalefoxiGarant PUR XXSfoxiGarant PUR XXSfoxiGarant PUR XXLfoxiGarant PUR XXL
    hose dia in mm*foxi Storz-Kupplung with safety collar and hose nozzle, turnable
    Storz typeKA knag dist (mm)length (mm)weight kg/piecefoxi Klemmschale according to DIN EN 14420-3
    clamping shells size in mmhose type foxiGarant PUR XXS wallthickness: ca. 2,5 mmhose type foxiGarant PUR XXL wallthickness: ca. 3,5 mm
    756121-075-10075-B891050,76120-075-10075 x 7,534510-075-55534410-075-555
    1006121-100-100110-A1331451,676120-100-100100 x 834510-100-55534410-100-555
    1256121-125-1001251251902,346120-125-100125 x 10**34510-125-55534410-125-555
    1506121-150-1001501502503,616120-150-100150 x 10**34510-150-55534410-150-555

    * foxi Storz-Kupplung is suitable for hose types foxiGarant PUR XXS and foxiGarant PUR XXL

    ** for optimizing the accuracy of fit, we are delivering a separate plastic cord

    * Reffering to the inner side of the elbow of hose.

    The above mentioned data refer to an average and ambient temperature of +20 °C. Subject to technical changes and color variations. Please refer to technical data sheet when selecting hose.