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12.13 foxiMulti PTFE


double-side coated PTFE glass fabric

For food contact according to FDA 21 CFR 177.1550


hot zinc dipped steel band


-150°C approx. up to +250°C approx., short-term to +270°C approx.

* excellent (5 points) – not suitable (0 points)
The point system shows only the capability of the products and not the products features under legal rights.

Suction and blasting hose for gases, vapours +250°C approx., compressible, for extraction arms, mobile or stationary extraction systems

Suitable for use in zone 1 and zone 21 ATEX / TRBS 2153 for the download of electro-static build-up when both helix ends are earthed


20.3 foxi Multi-Schelle

diaworking pressure ca. barvacuum ca. barbending radius ca. mm*weight kg/mlength in marticle no.
400,9000,353240,40frei wählbar 3-104645-040-100
500,8500,314300,40frei wählbar 3-104645-050-100
550,7800,260330,40frei wählbar 3-104645-055-100
600,6800,218360,50frei wählbar 3-104645-060-100
650,5900,186390,50frei wählbar 3-104645-065-100
700,5300,157420,50frei wählbar 3-104645-070-100
750,4700,137450,60frei wählbar 3-104645-075-100
800,4300,123480,60frei wählbar 3-104645-080-100
900,3550,098540,60frei wählbar 3-104645-090-100
1000,3000,078600,60frei wählbar 3-104645-100-100
1100,2580,065660,60frei wählbar 3-104645-110-100
1200,2240,055720,70frei wählbar 3-104645-120-100
1250,2100,049750,70frei wählbar 3-104645-125-100
1300,1970,046780,70frei wählbar 3-104645-130-100
1400,1750,040840,80frei wählbar 3-104645-140-100
1500,1570,035900,80frei wählbar 3-104645-150-100
1600,1400,030960,90frei wählbar 3-104645-160-100
1700,1280,0271020,90frei wählbar 3-104645-170-100
1750,1230,0251051,00frei wählbar 3-104645-175-100
1800,1170,0241081,00frei wählbar 3-104645-180-100
2000,0990,0201201,10frei wählbar 3-104645-200-100
2150,0880,0171511,20frei wählbar 3-104645-215-100
2250,0820,0161581,30frei wählbar 3-104645-225-100
2500,0690,0131751,40frei wählbar 3-104645-250-100
2750,0590,0101931,70frei wählbar 3-104645-275-100
3000,0520,0092101,90frei wählbar 3-104645-300-100
3150,0480,0082212,00frei wählbar 3-64645-315-100
3250,0460,0072282,10frei wählbar 3-64645-325-100
3500,0400,0062452,30frei wählbar 3-64645-350-100
3750,0360,0052632,70frei wählbar 3-64645-375-100
4000,0330,0052802,90frei wählbar 3-64645-400-100
4500,0270,0043603,50frei wählbar 3-64645-450-100
5000,0230,0034003,90frei wählbar 3-64645-500-100
5500,0200,0034404,40frei wählbar 3-64645-550-100
6000,0170,0024804,90frei wählbar 3-64645-600-100
7000,0140,0025605,80frei wählbar 3-64645-700-100
8000,0110,0016406,70frei wählbar 3-64645-800-100
9000,0090,0017207,60frei wählbar 3-64645-900-100

* Reffering to the inner side of the elbow of hose.

The above mentioned data refer to an average and ambient temperature of +20 °C. Subject to technical changes and color variations. Please refer to technical data sheet when selecting hose.