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16.4 foxiMulti Weld S


silicone coated glass fibre

Flame retardant


hot zinc dipped steel band


-20°C approx. up to +400°C approx.

* excellent (5 points) – not suitable (0 points)
The point system shows only the capability of the products and not the products features under legal rights.

Special suction hose for fumes, welding smoke or soldering smoke up to +400°C approx., very good vacuum resistance and flame resistance

Suitable for use in zone 1 and zone 21 ATEX / TRBS 2153 for the download of electro-static build-up when both helix ends are earthed 


20.3 foxi Multi-Schelle

diavacuum ca. barbending radius ca. mm*weight kg/mlength in marticle no.
800,135480,88available 3-104652-080-200
900,108540,95available 3-104652-090-200
1000,086601,05available 3-104652-100-200
1100,072661,16available 3-104652-110-200
1200,061721,25available 3-104652-120-200
1250,054751,30available 3-104652-125-200
1300,051781,40available 3-104652-130-200
1400,045841,50available 3-104652-140-200
1500,039901,60available 3-104652-150-200
1600,034961,70available 3-104652-160-200
1700,0301021,80available 3-104652-170-200
1750,0281051,85available 3-104652-175-200
1800,0261082,30available 3-104652-180-200
2000,0221202,65available 3-104652-200-200
2150,0201512,85available 3-104652-215-200
2250,0181583,00available 3-104652-225-200
2500,0151753,30available 3-104652-250-200
2750,0121933,65available 3-104652-275-200
3000,0102103,40available 3-104652-300-200

* Reffering to the inner side of the elbow of hose.

The above mentioned data refer to an average and ambient temperature of +20 °C. Subject to technical changes and color variations. Please refer to technical data sheet when selecting hose.