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The earthing of a metal helix is for untrained users often a puzzle and often not uncommonly ends up with a flesh wound!

With immediate effect we offer you our foxiGarant – conduct series of hoses which, besides the metal helix, have an additional spirally wound conductor strand: the laying bare of this strand is considerably easier than that of a metal helix. Thereby the earthing of PUR hoses is child’s play. When this strand is properly and professionally earthed according to TRBS 2153 and BG Chemie T002 the hose system can be classified as having a resistance of < 103 Ohm and also be considered conductive. 

The foxiGarant – conduct series distinguishes itself through:

antistatische SchlauchwandungAnti-static hose wall with a surface resistance of < 109 Ohm


bärenstark Extremely abrasion resistant


 super leichtes erdenFantastically easy earthing of the hose


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The foxiClassicseries comprises plastic helix hoses in their well-known top quality – without further features. These hose types are for the most part employed in areas where no further characteristics are required. It’s often a question of applications in which electro-static charging is either low or negligible. Furthermore, these plastic helix hoses are mainly used for ventilation.  The upgrading of the hoses with the addition of further features would have no appreciable worthwhile value.  

The foxiPremiumseries includes high quality food hoses which are also all equipped with a dischargeable hose wall (surface resistance of < 109 Ohm). Also here, hose types in this series fulfil all safety aspects of ATEX and the German TRBS 2153.

Furthermore, as manufacturer, the cost effectiveness aspect stands in the foreground for us. You receive top quality at top prices! Enquire with us for your next hose requirement!

All PUR hoses of the foxiGarantseries are equipped with more characteristics than are actually necessary for their area of application. Particularly the electro-static discharge properties of hoses were an important factor for us in the further development of the products.

We have recognised that for many customers safety is an absolute priority. Consequently we have decided to equip all relevant PUR hoses with a standard permanent dischargeable hose wall (an “anti-static“ version with a surface resistance of < 109 Ohm). This also applies for flame retardant hoses for the wood processing industry, granulate transport hoses for the plastics processing industry, suction hoses in the air-conditioning and ventilation sector or the food processing industry.   
Along with their extreme abrasion resistance, the PUR hoses in question are absolutely 100% safe when used in the appropriate manner. The zones to which they belong (according to ATEX and TRBS 2153) are marked by the individual products.

Our new product series

We have restructured and, at the same time, extended our plastic helix hose range, whereby reliability aspects stood to the fore by the product extension. The inclusion of a product in a specific series is made clear to you by the product name. 

  • foxiGarant – Serie – überagende Abriebfestigkeit und 100% Sicherheit
  • foxiPremium – Serie – FDA-Qualität und 100% Sicherheit zu Top-Preisen
  • foxiClassic – Serie – Topqualität wie Sie sie kennen

foxiflex – Intelligent Hose Technology

Earthing of PUR hoses – child’s play with the

foxiGarant – conduct Serie