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foxiflex quality-label

the foxiflex quality-label is a kind of a quality statement of our products. With this label we are confirming that our PUR-hoses are produced with 100% original raw materials.

For our PUR-hoses we are not using second hand material or other material combinations with cheaper PVC and/or PP material. All our PUR-hoses are made of the best PUR-material which is available on the market.

Why are all our products signed with this foxiflex quality-label?

With this statement we want to give a clear answer to our customer. From our point of view there are many PUR-hoses available on the market, but with a different quality. Not all PUR-hoses are made of 100% PUR-material.

We believe that this is not fair to the customer. If your are buying a PUR-hose you should get a PUR-hose, which is made of 100% original raw materials and not with a lesser quality.

Is this foxiflex quality-label controlled by a external audit?

We think that this is not necessary, because this label has given our clear statement about the quality. There are many other hose manufacturers, but we are the only one who is given this quality statement and that worldwide!